Reliability, fine quality
and responsibility

OVI was founded in 1992 and over the years has shown itself to be a highly professional and reliable partner. With twenty-two years of experience in the market, the company has grown into a well-respected group of companies engaged in the transhipment and trade of oil products.

Services we provide

Various range of services with high-grade quality and reliability


The Latvia based ‘OVI’ Terminal offers transhipment services in the form of freight forwarding by rail; the off loading of oil products from tankers and railway tank cars (RTCs) direct to its shore tanks; storage of petroleum products and the loading of products to vessels.

Currently OVI company has in operation two jetty JM-15 draft 9,0m and JM15A-draft 7,5m Variety of shore tanks with a total volume 63 540 m3, and three loading/unloading railway systems that can serve up to 44 railcars.

Oil and petroleum

SIA OVI engaged in wholesale of light and dark oil products on the market of Latvia. We offer to buy petrol, diesel and fuel oil. Volume of one delivery ranges from 500 to 30,000 liters on request.


"OVI" provides services for the transportation of light and dark oil products in The Baltic States. The company has 4 tank trucks available for the transportation of light oil products and 1 insulated tank truck for the transportation of heavy oil products.